On this Thursday, February 13th, Widow’s Son #7 will be hosting it’s 3rd installment of the “Let There Be Light” Lecture Series during it’s Regular Stated Communication. The Lecture Series is designed to increase the sharing of Masonic Information and Knowledge to the Craft, presented by a diverse group of the Masonic World’s well known lecturers and historians. 

This month’s presentation, Blinded By Darkness “Too Blind To See” will be given by Worshipful Eric Konohia, 33°. WM Matthew Williams invites all brothers who are interested in building upon their Masonic knowledge to attend. WM Williams will welcome all visitors after concluding Lodge business beginning around 8:30 pm. Understanding and respecting your time, all visiting Brothers will be excused prior to Lodge Closing. 

For more information or questions, please contact:
WM Matt Williams (202) 294-5587 mattsolo799@gmail.com
SW Brian Brock (484) 809-1049 bmjb77@gmail.com
JW Brian Williams (757) 909-0508  bwillsharks@gmail.com