Martha Chapter No. 11, Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.), Prince Hall Affiliated, holding a Charter from the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter, O.E.S., District of Columbia, was organized in March 1927. Sister Katie Lloyd was the first Worthy Matron and Brother Nathaniel Turner was the first Worthy Patron of Martha Chapter. The initiation of a small group of dedicated women was performed in 1928, they were: Sisters Pearl Foust, Novella Jones, Mabel Lloyd, Lillian Long, Effie Pettus, Eliza Stroman, Hattie Tyler, Mary Wise and Brothers George and Wilton Lloyd. Sisters Nettie Stroman and Ethel Lomax were unable to attend the ceremony, later that year they were the first to be initiated by a “Select Team” of the Grand Chapter into Martha Chapter. 

In 1929, Sister Lillian Long was elected Worthy Matron of Martha Chapter. Under her administration, a group of ladies organized as Royal Matrons for the purpose of entering into a new chapter were invited to join Martha Chapter. Some of these Sisters were Cecelia Baines, Lula Mason, Lillian Sanchez, Lula Henderson, Ophelia Smith, M. Gracie Witherspoon and Amy Stewart. 

Martha Chapter is proud to acknowledge, eighty-eight Past Matrons, thirty Past Patrons, six Past Grand Worthy Matrons: Mamie J. Simms*, Eleanor P. Lewis*, Alice L. Lee*, Justine H. McCall*, Julia F. Edwards and Sarah G. S. Horne; seven Past Grand Worthy Patrons: Martin L. Jackson*, John Smith*, Leroy Crummer*, Charles L. Green*, Joe N. Brinson*, Roy L. Dixon* and Herman M. Marshall, Jr.; six Past Grand Lecturers: Eleanor P. Lewis*, Gertrude Taylor*, Justine H. McCall*, Julia F. Edwards, Elmar R. Nichols* and Atlanta Littlejohn*; six Past Assistant Grand Lecturers: Josephine Lash*, Anna B. Holley*, Odessa A. Price*, Sarah G. S. Horne, Laura I. Werts* and Mildred J. Ferguson; three Past Matrons who served as OES Grand Lecturers: Marian A. Ferrell, Brenda A. Thomas and Frankie Ervin Hill; first to serve two consecutive years in the East, Past Matron Norma J. Brooks; Right Worshipful Grand Secretary Emeritus William A. Burnett;* Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Charles F. Bates; and Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Aaron R. Jordan 33º. 

In 2017, we celebrate Grand Worthy Patron Riccardo A. Montague, Grand Financial Secretary Patricia A. Tutt, Grand Trustee Brenda G. Hardaway, Assistant Grand Lecturer Brenda A. Thomas, Grand Marshal of the West Shirley A. Dyer, Assistant Grand Youth Directress Norma J. Brooks, Grand Photographer Frankie Ervin Hill and Grand Administrative Assistant Cheryl A. Montague. 

Past Assistant Grand Lecturer Odessa A. Price* was the granddaughter and descendent of one of Martha Chapter’s charter members, the late Past Matron Lillian Long. Past Royal Matron Amy Stewart* was the last surviving Past Royal Matron in the District of Columbia, passing in 2001. 

Martha Chapter’s Brother Lodges are Widow’s Son Lodge No. 7, Corinthian Lodge No. 18, Harmony Lodge No. 22 and Thomas L. Johnson Lodge No. 28 (Honorary). The Sister Chapters are Fidelity Chapter No. 10, affiliated in March 1928 by “twin-birth” and Eureka Chapter No. 11, Jurisdiction of Maryland, affiliated in 1974 under the auspices of Past Matrons Dorothy L. Chambers* (Martha Chapter) and Ruth Jackson* (Eureka Chapter). 

The unofficial motto of the chapter is: “I will do it for Martha.” This motto is the Chapter’s foundation as it continues to move forward each year. 


Worthy Matron
Etta Seward-Kemp

Worthy Patron
Milton Davis Jr