Oh Lord My GOD is there to Help the Widow’s Son! Before entering upon any great and important undertaking, we must first invoke the aid of Deity, Let Us Pray!

Most Holy and Glorious God We petition you again at the throne of grace asking thy blessing upon thee you said that were 2 or 3 are gathered together u would be in their midst. Knowing that you are ever present we ask that you grant us with your divine wisdom to lead this lodge along the sublime path that you have laid before us. We need your brotherly love to surround each mason to bind us closer as a lodge and to thee. Blessed this great lodge to achieve all that you have put upon your devine pedestal for us to do in your name. An when at last we have climbed the last rung Jacob’s ladder may we join u and our brethren in that celestial lodge above that house not made with hands eternal in the heaven.

My Brothers, I stand before you this evening, overcome with zeal and extremely humbled by this honor and privilege of being elected and installed as the Worshipful Master for the 2021-22 Masonic Year of this well governed Lodge and the care-taker of this Charter bestowed upon us by the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.

Reflecting on the enormity of this opportunity I want to share a sincere offering of gratitude for the trust and confidence bestowed upon us to lead this great lodge.

Who knew that this country boy from Kingstree SC would be raised from this tessellated square from a dead Level to a living Perpendicular in 2012. I could not imagine this moment of becoming a WM when I first entered this lodge. I entered to be a faithful working brother to help this lodge. With masonry in my heart and with many curiosities about the sciences and mysteries of Freemasonry I have reached this moment. Thank you WS7 for helping to shape this rough ashlar. Thanks to my cable toes Infinite Pillars of Wisdom for the everlasting bond we share.

I want to thank PM Tyrone Snowden personally for vouching for my entrance into WS7 to begin my masonic journey. This opportunity that he presented only demonstrated the degrees of separation being that we are from the same home town in SC. Even deeper is that my father taught and coached PM Snowden in high school. So I am forever grateful for this connection to my family and the craft.

Let us take a “Moment of Silence” *** for our fallen PM Melvin O Williams, Who raised me in 2012 and has moved on from labor refreshment. I truly and sincerely miss you as a mentor and friend.

To PM Keith Quarels, who gave me my first opportunity as an officer and of whom was a big proponent of pushing towards this ascension. PM Chalrles Nelson I want to Thank you for your trust in me SD to carry on the traditions of doing that work and performing in the Middle Chamber.

To PM Matthew Williams, thank you for always challenging and motivating me to push past the standards.

To SW Brian Williams thank you for your support and staying the course. Especially to brother SW of whom we share the connection of growing up and attending grade school together. Also of whom his mother taught me in elementary. Iron only sharpens Iron.

To PM Washington, Faison, Thompson, Ashshaheed, Donald Quarels, Davis, Chatman,I want to personally thank you all for your wise counsel, guidance and continued support throughout the various points in my Masonic journey. To all the Past Masters of Widow’s Son Lodge No. 7, we are working hard to perform past the standards of those that have gone before me. It is with your Help, Aid, and Assistance we will work together to advance this lodge forward.

To the Line Officers of the 2021-22 administration and members of this Lodge, we have been called to take on a task that is not for the faint of heart or the narrow minded. It is a task that is full of challenges at every turn. At the foundation of our lodge the standing committees will work hard to keep us grounded.

Standing Committee
  • Auditing – Chairman (PM Donald Quarles)
  • Budgeting – Chairman (SW Brian Williams)
  • Investigation – Chairman (PM Charles Nelson)
  • Lecturers and Work – Chairman (PM Ramon Washington
  • Charity – Chairman (SD Ryisheed Wilson )
So now, we must rededicate our hearts to the craft and rededicate ourselves to being proficient Masons in our work. We must inspect our 24 inch gauge to prioritize Masonry even in this pandemic. Together we must work to exceed the standards set in the Jurisdiction and it’s going to take everyone in this room to make this happen. The ONLY way that we can do this is by holding each other accountable and supporting each other and this Lodge. Over the last years we have re-established our GROUND FLOOR on a strong foundation on Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice…our Four Cardinal Virtues! Now we must take those 3, 5, 7 steps to help our lodge ascend to a new level of greatness through that winding staircase.

Once again, I am extremely grateful and honored by the privilege to lead this Lodge and I promise you, my brothers, that I will embody Masonry and do my best to serve you and this Lodge with zealous dignity. Let’s have a fruitful year my brothers of reclamation, brotherly love and unity in continuing to celebrate the past 150 years of service of Widow’s Son #7 .

Fraternally submitted,

Brian MJ Brock